Demographic Mapping


“The return on your marketing investment is often a reflection of how well your selection of marketing programs fit the demographics of your surrounding market.”

Our DemoMap™ Tool can plot key demographics as well as crime statistics in your service market.

This strategic tool can help determine the best Security Home Marketing program to create a valid profile of your market – and the programs that you have used to bring in new business.

Your marketing results are a direct reflection of the marketing programs you use—and the targeting tools that you have available to select your target market.

  • Our online demographic mapping tool allows you to analyze your market—neighborhood by neighborhood.
  • Looking for high income neighborhoods surrounded by high crime areas—no problem.
  • Looking for high crime areas with a large population of children or seniors—our tool can help.
  • The DemoMap™ Program also helps you gain a better understanding of your overall market. If your market generally fits into what has been the right demographic for your business, then you may be successful using a number of broader market programs that include Shared Mail, Newspaper and Radio. If your market is fragmented, then more highly targeted programs such as Solo Direct Mail or Door to Door Sales may get you the best results.
  • Easy to use—and very cost effective. Check it out!

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